March 1929

In March 1929 the town improvement association formed. One of their main aims was to improve McQuade Park, which was little more than a grass paddock. In fact the council was receiving fees for grazing rights.

January 1930

In January 1930 an application was made to the council for part of the land to be leased for the purpose of a bowling green. An agreement was reached soon after and work commenced in the middle of the year.

Probably no bowling club had such an unpropitious beginning as did the Windsor club. From the outset it was dogged by dissension and discord. There was widespread resentment in the community over the proposal to finance the construction of a bowling green from public funds. Feelings were further fanned when a meeting to form a bowling club was called by personal invitation and a private circular. Because it was not advertise, many contented that it was to be an exclusive club established on park land.

The gazette reported “the purpose of laying out a bowling green in McQuade Park for the benefit of a chosen few has raised the ire of public opinion and practically wrecked what was destined to become a wonderful asset to the town”.

28 March – 2 May 1931

Despite this the first game of bowls was played on the 28th of March 1931, nine months after work had commenced on the green. The official opening followed on the 2 May 1931.

21 November 1931 – March 1935

What prompted the club to have another official opening six months after the first is perplexing however it did on the 21 November 1931. During this period the club operated as the Windsor Town Improvement Bowling Club until March 1935 when it was handed over to the newly formed Windsor Bowling Club.

September 1947 – 23 May 1953

In September 1947 a liquor license was obtained. This was followed by the opening of a second green on 24 April 1948 and an opening of the new club house on 23 May 1953. These improvements really brought the place to life.


The formation of the Windsor Women’s Bowling Club occurred in 1970.

Present Day

Recently the club has celebrated its 80th anniversary. The game of lawn bowls has always been at the core and this will continue as the Windsor Bowling and Sports Club moves towards its platinum jubilee.